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Well-Woman Exam Specialist

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It’s important to schedule yearly well-woman exams to maximize your health and wellness and detect any women’s health problems before complications arise. At Collaborative Women’s Care in Miami, Florida, Eduardo Valdes, MD, and their experienced team offer complete well-woman exams in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Call the office today to schedule your next exam or book an appointment online.

Well Woman Exams Q & A

What are well-woman exams?

Well-woman exams at Collaborative Women’s Care include prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment when needed of health conditions many women face. Collaborative Women’s Care OB/GYN experts are board-certified. They have many years of experience caring for women of all ages.

What are the benefits of well-woman exams?

The many benefits you can expect by attending yearly well-woman exams at Collaborative Women’s Care include:

  • Lower risk of serious medical problems
  • Early detection and treatment of OB/GYN problems
  • Disease screening, prevention, and management
  • Improved overall health and wellness
  • Birth control
  • Vaccinations

Well-woman exams help your provider detect problems early before serious complications develop. They screen you for breast, cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers, as well as gynecological problems and chronic diseases.

Your specialist also addresses your concerns and answers your questions about your health and wellness.

What happens during well-woman exams?

Things you can expect during well-woman exams at Collaborative Women’s Care include:

Vital signs check

OB/GYN specialists measure your weight, body mass index (BMI), pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

Medical history review

Highly trained providers review your medical history and the symptoms you may have. They ask you about the medication you take, past diagnoses, and your family’s history of disease.

Physical exam

During a physical exam, your specialist assesses your overall health and wellness. They evaluate your eyes, ears, throat, breathing, heartbeat, and more. Collaborative Women’s Care providers offer breast exams and pelvic exams, including Pap tests to screen for signs of cervical cancer.

Diagnostic testing

Your specialist might suggest you undergo urine screening, blood tests, hysteroscopy, ultrasound, or other diagnostic procedures. They could recommend that you have a mammogram to screen for breast cancer if you’re at risk of developing it.

Treatment when needed

If you have a women’s health condition, your physician could recommend making lifestyle changes, taking dietary supplements and medications, or undergoing surgery. They also offer birth control and vaccinations if you’re interested in these preventive treatments.

When should I schedule well-woman exams?

Unless your provider recommends more frequent visits to Collaborative Women’s Care, schedule a well-woman exam every year. You might also book an appointment if you have questions or concerns about your health or experience unusual symptoms.

Call the office today or book an appointment online to schedule a well-woman exam at Collaborative Women’s Care.